The law Firm

Studio Leo Associati [Law Firm Leo & Associates], established on the initiative of Professor Maurizio Leo and Pasquale Formica, has long been consolidated as one of Italy’s leading professional firms in tax assistance and representation. Recently awarded with prestigious national awards, the firm is present and operates throughout Italy, with offices in Rome, Milan and Trento, and currently employs over 35 professionals including equity partners, associate partners, associates, specialistsand of counsel.

The care for research and study, the great experience of Professor Leo and all the professionals, also in the institutional field, as well as the constant search for the best combination of technical rigour and ability to adapt to specific needs, make Studio Leo Associati an acknowledged point of reference in the tax field, both on a scientific and professional level. This is evidenced by the assistance offered to leading national operators, present throughout the country and in all the main production and service sectors: from companies with a widespread international presence to foreign investors in Italy, from public bodies to publicly-owned companies, including leading third sector organisations and representative associations in the real estate and private health sectors.

On a scientific level, the high-level participation in conventions, conferences, seminars, workshops and master’s degrees, as well as the constant presence in the sector’s professional publications, allow the Firm to continuously compare and update its knowledge on the main issues of tax law. This has led to the development of an interdisciplinary approach that is always attentive to the search for maximum technical rigour. The handbook, published by Giuffrè, Le Imposte sui redditi nel testo unico, edited by Prof. Maurizio Leo, whose co-authors include Mr. Pasquale Formica, equity partner, and Mr. Giovanni Formica, associate partner, has been an essential reference point for scientific and professional study in the tax field for over thirty years.

The firm includes professionals of the highest national prestige, such as Professor Gianfranco Ferranti, professor at the National School of Administration at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, and Annibale Dodero, former central director of regulations at the Revenue Agency. Both, after having held institutional positions of outstanding level and prestige, now devote themselves to an intense professional activity as associate partners of Leo Associati.

The Firm has long started a fruitful collaboration with both Professor Michele Vietti, formerly Deputy Chairman of the Superior Council of the Magistracy, with regard to issues of commercial law and business crisis, and Mr. Rino Libroia, formerly Chairman of Reconta Ernst & Young and Country Managing Partner of Ernst & Young Italia, with regard to financial statements and business economics.

"We devote “custom-tailored” attention to our clients, based on meticulous study of each individual case and the consequent search for ad hoc solutions"

In addition, the Firm, aware of the increasing level of complexity that characterizes the taxation field, has specialistswithin its ranks, i.e. people who are strongly focused on certain specialist issues . Specialistswork independently or in collaboration with other professionals, in order to always identify the most rigorous and effective solutions for clients. In particular, special attention is paid to Cooperative Compliance, Family Wealth Management, Accounting and Tax Compliance, Tax Collection, Business Crisis, Corporate Administrative Responsibility and Risk Management; Transfer Pricing; Company Valuations and the correct application of national and international accounting standards.